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Content is the Key to SEO

Grow your site traffic, increase your site's visibility, educate and build trust with your audiences with strategic content written and designed by Zander SEO.

Why Invest In Content?

Regularly publishing, refining, and sharing content can transform a website from a place to stash product pages and press releases into a tool that builds awareness, educates prospect, and generates leads - touching every stage of the funnel.

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Site Traffic Growth

Sites that are in good health always stand to grow by adding new keyword targets and targeting new audiences.

Adding content categories and building out a strategic inventory of long-form content can add 6% of compound organic traffic growth MoM.

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Increased Site Visibility

Metadata optimizations and schema can make your site much more visible in SERPs by providing the search engine opportunities to share your snippet of content or product listing right on the SERP.

Users tend to interact with more engaging types of content like this in-SERP.

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Build Top of Funnel

While advertising can help you close, content educates considering audiences while aligning your brand with search trends and thought leadership on topics that will help them decide if your products are what they need.

This softer, safer selling technique can help capture willing, engaged leads and nurture prospects to purchase in a more audience-friendly way.

2022 SEO + Content Rate Card

Rates are set through 2022 and will be republished with an updated rate card in Jan. 2023. While every engagement is customized, this might help you budget for a future project.

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