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SEO Content Strategy

Helping clients develop content that meets their audiences right where they are in their consumer journeys. Strategy, information architecture, and content - written and designed by Zander SEO.

SEO Content Strategy Methodology

A good content strategy should enable teams beyond your own - across marketing practices - to create strategy-supporting web experiences for your prospects and customers.

Below is an outline of my process for developing and delivering an SEO content strategy.

1. Conduct Content Auditing and Research

Search engines are using signals from across your digital ecosystem to estimate the relevance, quality, and legitimacy of your content, so I start by auditing everything relevant and accessible.


Content Inventory

UX whiteboard content image.png

Auditing, content UX, metadata, and organic performance.


Keyword Performance

legoog google image.png

Auditing page rankings, competitor rankings, and market opportunity for target keywords across your target audience's journey.


Information Architecture

information architecture seo ia image.png

Auditing site tagging, taxonomy, navigation and way-finding experience.


Channel Performance

channel organic image.png

Auditing website, organic social, and video channel performance; auditing competitor channels.

2. Create Keyword Strategy

Once I've finished auditing, I go beyond the obvious product and brand keywords that you might target to identify which keywords, phrases, and queries you should be targeting across your customer journey.


Thinking person.png
frame 1.png

“How to get more people to visit my website”


frame 2.png

"What is SEO?"

Thinking person 2.png


frame 3.png

"How to contact Zander SEO"

Thinking person 3.png

3. Prioritize Tactics

Then, I recommend search opportunities I think will get you to your goals - as quickly and effectively as possible.

Tactic plan seo strategy image.png

4. Create a Timeline

Finally, I'll layout what can be accomplished within a timeline with the resources at hand and work with you to implement my recommendations, reporting on performance as tactical items are completed.

Timeline illustration.png

2022 SEO Rate Card

Rates are set through 2022 and will be republished with an updated rate card in Jan. 2023. While every engagement is customized, this might help you budget for a future project.

*Note: The rates presented on this site are only meant to be an example and not meant to standardize Zander SEO rates or invoicing in any way. Every Zander SEO engagement will vary depending on your needs, available resources, and market demand. Greater demand will require outsourcing and freelance collaboration which can drive up rates.

Conversely, smaller, easy-to-execute engagements that require less work at the uptake might have lower rates.

The purpose of sharing example rates is to create transparency around Zander SEO rates and services generally while hopefully setting very basic expectations around what Zander SEO is capable of delivering.

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