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SEO Techniques That Win

 Improve product and brand keyword rankings and increase visibility of your site with keyword auditing and research, site health improvements, internal linking, optimized metadata, and more - all services offered at an hourly rate from Zander SEO.

Why Invest In SEO?

SEO - search engine optimization - is the practice of tweaking, adding to, or even overhauling a website to make it more "findable" for your target audience in SERPs (search engine result pages).

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Grow Keyword Traffic

Targeting difficult, competitive keyword categories takes solid site structure, strategic long-tail keyword content, thoughtful internal linking, and linkbuilding.

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Rank Across the SERP

SERP analysis and content auditing can lead to insight that will help you rank for target queries at every point of your customers' journey - meta additions like schema markup or blog tagging can help you dominate the SERP for your target query.

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Users Want Easy-to-Find

SERPs are becoming more and more mall-like with ads and cards and videos in the SERP before every-day content is even served. Strategic optimizations can boost your pages in SERP features and help keep your content competitive.

2022 SEO + Content Rate Card

Rates are set through 2022 and will be republished with an updated rate card in Jan. 2023. While every engagement is customized, this might help you budget for a future project.

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Reach Out

The first step is just letting me know you're interested. We'll chat about your needs and my capabilities. No pressure to do anything else.

Get Started

Being a consultant makes getting a project started easy. We can sign a quick agreement and get started right away.

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*Note: The rates presented on this site are only meant to be an example and not meant to standardize Zander SEO rates or invoicing in any way. Every Zander SEO engagement will vary depending on your needs, available resources, and market demand. Greater demand will require outsourcing and freelance collaboration which can drive up rates.

Conversely, smaller, easy-to-execute engagements that require less work at the uptake might have lower rates.

The purpose of sharing example rates is to create transparency around Zander SEO rates and services generally while hopefully setting very basic expectations around what Zander SEO is capable of delivering.

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